Creating A Culture of Change

Bagus Agro Pelaga Official Video

Set in 18 hectares in central Bali, the eco-friendly property nurtures and supports the natural offerings of the land and environment whilst maintaining the lavish experience your break deserves. The inspiration of this property comes from the “Tri Hita Karana”, meaning harmony with people, harmony with God and harmony with nature – an ancient Balinese philosophy the family of the Bagus Discovery Group firmly holds onto.

Romantic Dinner

Discover your truly romance candle light dinner. 4-course recommendation menus by our Chef and a bottle of local wine

Camping D’Agro

Travelling or camping together, spending real quality time with each other as you discover new places can be truly rewarding. We welcome you to join our private premises especially designed for school kids or family. You can come to explore our beautiful sanctuary in Bagus Agro Pelaga and we guarantee that you will enjoy every aspect of it.

Coffee Roasting & Balinese Cake “Lak lak” Making

Coffee processing – from roasting to serving it – and typical Balinese cake making in a typical Balinese open kitchen. Traditional Balinese rice pan cakes are cooked in traditional equipment.

Pelaga Retreat

Surrender to the beauty and healing culture of Bagus Agro Pelaga. Our team offers sage advis and a diverse range of revitalizing activities and services. This serene place makes you return to your very self, helps you to re-focus and restore your body-mind balance.

Organic Balinese Cooking Class

Begin with a visit to our farm fields and pick fresh ingredients to be used for the Balinese cuisine/meal. After that you will proceed to our Balinese kitchen joining the fun of preparing a typical Balinese meal, learning various techniques and getting to know traditional cooking equipment.

Tour D’Agro

You will be guided through Bagus Agro Pelaga farming area and get introduced to the plants that we grow on our premises such as vegetables, various kinds of fruit and flowers.